Why Us

Why Us

The Products and Solutions we provide are selected to ensure short and long-term benefits for you, including quality, efficiency, affordability and sustainability.


Holistic Approach - Keep Customer needs primary

  • Analyse the mated requ irernent and create a solution
  • Ensure that the investment is maintained and ROI achieved.

Run by a NISE Certified Rooftop Solar Grid Engineer

  • Technically and ccrnrrercethe competent team of e neer; and installers
  • Overa II team combined experience of over 80 yeas

Partnered with Industry Leaders

  • Waareeflinko Solar fcr Scl ar Par els
  • Havellsfor On-Grid Inverters
  • Enertech for Hytrid Inverters
  • Shaltthe for Water Purnps

Quality, Quality, Quality

  • We are here for the long run just like our products
  • No corners are cut—Armoured cables, Lightening Arrestors, Protection Devices
  • Best in class equipment used

Installations done using non-penetrative methods.

  • No chance of Water Seep age from Roof

Industry Leading Warranties

  • 25 Years or more on Solar Panels
  • 10 Years on Solar Inverter
  • Prowl slap for 3rd party v. arrar ty as well.

“High customer satisfaction” is more than just a phrase to us. We take proactive and preventive maintenance measures / checks to ace our customer service and assure customers of not just a quality solution but also an excellent and satisfying experience.

Excellent Service is our hallmark. We try to maintain an Response time of 24 hours or less. To achieve this we provide remote monitoring on all the turn-key solutions. The Products we supply are from companies with the highest Service standards and quickest turnaround times.

We also offer Financing to qualified customers through our tie-up with different banks and NBFCs on concessional rates and favourable terms.

Why We Do Things Better

  • Site Survey

    Roof condition, type and area Installation locations, cabling and maintenance planning.

  • Plant Design

    Load Assessment, Capacity matching, Layout planning.

  • Procurement

    Components are selected as per design, project requirements and procured.

  • Installation

    Install and Commission the Plant such that design power output is met.

  • Maintenance

    AMC for future regular maintenance of the Power Plant.