Domestic/Residential Rooftop

Domestic/Residential Rooftop

Typically Residences and Residential complexes have RCC Rooftops. We have installed Solar Power Plants from 1 kw to 100 kw in such private homes and complexes without any damage to the existing roof without any type of puncturing on the roof. This ensures that the roof remains waterproof and leakproof. This is of great importance to the top floor flat owners in a complex as they would not have to bear the cost of water leakage etc. Generally residential installations get a payback of 4-6 years due to the lower electricity charges they pay.


Rameshwara Group

  • Type: On-Grid
  • Capacity: 7 Kwp
  • Location: Rameswara Waterview, Rajarhat, Kolkata.

Kushal Misra – Eminent Lawyer

  • Type: On-Grid
  • Capacity: 10 Kwp
  • Location: Medinipur, Paschim Midnapore, West Bengal