Solar Water Pumps

Solar Water Pumps

Solar Water pumps are used both for irrigation and for drinking water purpose. The Solar PV Panels supply power to an Electronic Pump Enhancer / Controller. This ensures that the submersible / Surface pump running on the Solar System runs smoothly and safely. Systems can be designed with Power Grid running option as well as battery backup.


Solar Water Pump solutions are designed by the end use.
For drinking water purpose typically a DC Submersible solution with appropriate panels and design is used.
For irrigation purpose AC submersible / surface solution is given with appropriate panels and design.

Reduce Water Consumption

Solar Powered pumps match the crop’s water consumption with the water pumped. On sunny days the crops need more water and the pump gives more water. On Cloudy days the opposite happens.

Lowers Electricity Costs

Solar Powered pumps do not consume any electricity from the Power Grid. As such they are free to operate and only incur one time installation cost.

Environmentally Friendly

They do not use any fossil fuels and therefore help in the fight against climate change.