Rooftop Solar Power

Rooftop Solar Power

Global warming continues to be on the rise. And we’re still over-depending on non-renewable energy resources. This alarming situation commands us to immediately opt for an alternative, non-exhaustive resource of energy so to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future. This is where Solar becomes a credible choice.

Rooftop Solar Plants have a payback period as low as 3 years.

Rooftop Solar Plants can pay you back more than 3-4 times of the initial cost.

Rooftop Solar Plants cool your building during the day / summer.

Rooftop Solar Plants warm your building during the night / winter.

Rooftop Solar Plants require very little regular maintenance.

How Solar Energy Works

  • Solar Panels

    Solar panels capture sunlight and convert it into DC (Direct Current).

  • Solar Inverter

    A solar inverter then converts DC into AC (Alternate Current) -which then powers your home in real-time.

  • Solar Battery

    If you install a solar battery, excess energy is stored here (rather than pushing out to the grid).

  • Digital Meter

    Your energy use and habits are easily tracked with a digital meter.

  • Power Grid

    Any excess energy that you generate is pushed out to the grid. This energy is measured and calculated (feed-in tariff) to credit your account.

Off-Grid Solar Power Plant

These system have an energy storage system in battery or other system. They are primaily used for power backup purpose in places where

On-Grid Solar Power Plant

This is the lowest cost system with the fastest payback and highest Returns on Investment. In this system there is no energy storage in

Hybrid Solar Power Plant

These system are identical to the Off-Grid Solar Power systems with one major difference. The system allows for the excess